Increase your leverage to become more productive

Leverage can make you both more effective and more efficient (Efficiency vs. Effectiveness).

With Leverage, you become more efficient at your tasks through software optimizations, shortcuts, and low-leverage automations.

You become more effective through high-leverage automations. This means to both identify areas in which the automation would have the greatest effect and to make the automation itself (optimization, performance, and all else).

Leverage leading to efficiency

  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Text expanders
  • Email filters (at scale, might increase effectiveness)
  • Small automations shaving off few moments / seconds during tasks

Leverage leading to effectiveness

  • Automations (Zapier/IFTTT/Etc.)
    • Automated email funnel leading to conversions
    • Targeted ads with an auto-tuning algorithm that best targets your audience
  • Social media/online distribution of content
    • In the modern world, you don’t have to sit 100 students in a classroom to lecture them. You can distribute your course online freely to 100s of thousands of students without much extra overhead.
  • Delegation of work
    • This is the labor form of leverage.

==WIP== Naval Ravikant talks about this in How to Get Rich (Without…